List with The Laurie Satushek Team!

Selecting the right team to sell your home is extremely important!

You want to hire a whole team, not just one agent, a team of local experts AND a team that works hard at getting your home advertised to the public.

What makes The Laurie Satushek Teamdifferent from the rest and why should you choose The Laurie Satushek Team?

That’s simple, because we work hard, we care about our clients, we are educated, we pay for advertising, and most of all because we are a team of three and each one of us is an expert in our team roles.

We have Laurie Satushek, a one-of-a-kind lady that has an educational background.  Laurie was a teacher in Whatcom County for 22 years; she is an expert in real estate and has taken many classes to keep learning more and more about real estate and the real estate market.  Laurie has earned the prestigious Luxury Designation and Investment Designation that gets her listings translated in dozens of languages and advertised internationally!

Then we have Kara Van Metre, this woman knows the Pacific Northwest.  She is an expert on all the neighborhoods, homes and their values.  She is also a whiz at finances an statistics (we’re not kidding!).  She watches those interest rates and knows what neighborhood to get the best bang for your buck.  Additionally, she has the ‘Accredited Buyer’s Representative’ (ABR®) and ‘Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) designations.

Last, we have our Executive Administrator, Heather Stevenson.  Heather comes from a banking background and is an expert in customer service & organization. This gal has been a technology guru since she learned to walk.  She has grown up in the world of technology, search engine optimization and website building.  She can even write in HTML (who does that?)!

The three of us make-up The Laurie Satushek Team, sure you could also call us the Three Amigos, we are a force to be reckoned with in the real estate business.  Our team is among the top producers in Skagit and Whatcom County and we are growing.

All three of us have lived in this area for 20+ years!

Enough about us; what sets us apart in the selling of your home?

Well for one, we don’t just list your house on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and then let it do the work by “syndicating” to other websites; each and every one of our listings gets personal attention to each and every website that we advertise to!  We have paid accounts that get your listing seen!  Yes, we also “syndicate” to over 350 of the top real estate websites through the proprietary KWLS (Keller Williams Listing System) but we work hard to make sure that we also post to FB, Twitter, Google+, Craigslist, Pinterest, YouTube and any other social media we can find.  Oh and by the way, your home will also get its very own website!

Not only do we personally create a custom advertisement to various websites including Zillow, Tour Factory, Trulia, Showing Suite, The Real Estate Book, HousingBlock, Hometaurus, RESAAS, HouseHappy and many more.  We don’t stop there, we also use ‘reverse prospecting’ from the MLS to get as many qualified buyers’ attention that are looking for a home similar to yours.  Ask us about our reverse prospecting; it is a tool that most agents don’t use.  And nobody has the reverse prospecting program that we have created here.  In addition we use Arch Telecom (call capture) that has a specific phone number for your home that has a recorded voice message, text message and photos for your listing!

So whether you’re techy or not, you can find our listings in any number of venues, paper, phone, online, or text.  We are there and so will your home advertisements!

As selling agents, we know that not only do we need to get your house seen; we need to make sure that we capture prospective buyers’ interests and show its best side.  We have a professional, yes, professional published photographer that will photograph your home and if needed, we will get some staging advice or stage it for showings.  We have HD high-quality photography equipment.

Nobody can beat The Laurie Satushek Team on communication; we work 7 days a week, and crazy hours some of us get up at 6 am while others are up until midnight!  We all have our ‘smart phones’ and constantly check for messages, texts or emails. 

Aside from our personal advertising attention, you will get a team of great communicators.  You will get weekly reports with statistics of views of your listing, virtual tour and showings as well as everything we’ve done to showcase your home/property.  Obviously we also will keep you updated on any interest or incoming offers. 

Contact us today by filling out the form above to get a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Comparable Market Analysis on your home (same conventions as used by appraisers gives you a ‘real’ home value) and let us help you get started selling your home!

Did we mention that in just one month (Aug ’13), we sold 12 homes?  FYI, the average agent in this area sells 4-5 per YEAR, just saying…

Thank you for reading!

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The Laurie Satushek Team

Heather Stevenson 360-441-7120, Executive Admin

Laurie Satushek 360-223-9515, Team Leader Founder

Kara Van Metre 360-920-1513, Agent


About Laurie Satushek Team

Laurie Satushek: Laurie Satushek is the fearless team leader for The Laurie Satushek Team. Laurie has an extensive background in education as she was a teacher for 22 years in the Mt. Baker School District. Laurie prided herself in teaching research and creativity to the young minds of our amazing community. Her education experience has led to her success in real estate. Laurie started her real estate career in 2008 when most realtors were getting out of the real estate business. Her sales have nearly doubled every year. Laurie is a goal setter and a go-getter! When Laurie is not out showing homes or researching the real estate market you will find her enjoying gardening and maintaining her 8 acres with her talented husband. She thoroughly enjoys walking the beach, gardening and just getting outside or you will find her feverishly organizing her next benefit to help others in her community.
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