What Does the Magnifying Glass Reveal?

What Does the Magnifying Glass Reveal?

In a word… everything!

Most Buyers will look at your home like you like at yourself in a 20x magnifying mirror!

Have you ever had horror of looking in a 20x magnifying mirror?  If you have not, do not go running to look; take my word for it, it is something nobody should ever have to see. You’ve been warned.


I recently acquired a brand new, lighted, doubled-sided, magnifying mirror and I was mistakenly excited to use this new tool as soon as possible.  I wish someone had warned me.  When I peered into that magnifying mirror, I was shocked to see this old wrinkly alien from some other universe.  I go out in public looking like this?  Are you kidding me?  Needless to say, I spent a long time primping and only quit when my arms were so tired that I couldn’t hold them up anymore and I had to give up.  I disgustingly flipped that horrible mirror back to the regular side and vowed never to look again.  But when I hesitantly looked in the regular mirror for one last check, I was pleasantly surprised!  I looked so much better than that ‘other’ mirror had revealed to me.


What’s my point?  It really got me thinking about buyers.  I’ve been with many buyers that found every knick in sheetrock, every carpet stain, every crack of grout.  Buyers are looking with the 20x magnifier when they are looking at potential homes.  Just like we are our own worst critics; buyers are our homes’ worst critics.  They are spending their hard-earned money and want to find their absolutely perfect, move-in ready, ‘dream’ home to raise their family or for their retirement and unless your home is brand new, trust me- there will be imperfections and ‘wrinkles’ that will be found.  All of us home owners, have been buyers, right?

I always try to explain this to our sellers.  Try not to be overly offended at all the ‘little’ issues buyers point out.  It’s in their best interest and it’s scary to jump into this colossal monetary transaction and lengthy commitment.  They are just protecting themselves as we all do.  Save yourself some heartache and try to walk through your home as a potential buyer, get out your magnifier.  Listen to your real estate professional’s advice about de-cluttering, staging and fixing that cracked tile you’ve stepped over 1,000 times.  Maybe a pre-inspection is appropriate for you.  Let me tell you, none of my personal previously owned homes ever looked as good when we lived in them as the day we sold them.  Isn’t it funny to fix something up just to sell it to someone else? Yes, but not if you get top dollar!

Written by Heather Stevenson of Laurie Satushek Team

Heather Stevenson

Heather Stevenson

Laurie Satushek Real Estate Team

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About Laurie Satushek Team

Laurie Satushek: Laurie Satushek is the fearless team leader for The Laurie Satushek Team. Laurie has an extensive background in education as she was a teacher for 22 years in the Mt. Baker School District. Laurie prided herself in teaching research and creativity to the young minds of our amazing community. Her education experience has led to her success in real estate. Laurie started her real estate career in 2008 when most realtors were getting out of the real estate business. Her sales have nearly doubled every year. Laurie is a goal setter and a go-getter! When Laurie is not out showing homes or researching the real estate market you will find her enjoying gardening and maintaining her 8 acres with her talented husband. She thoroughly enjoys walking the beach, gardening and just getting outside or you will find her feverishly organizing her next benefit to help others in her community.
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